Jeremie DeTellis waterfall

Some people get through college on their parent’s checkbook. Others work, borrow money, or find scholarships. As for me, college is something I pay for with my trading account. With only $2,000 of saved up cash, I placed my first trade at the age of eleven. Since then, I’ve endured my share of ups and downs, but the experience has made me fully confident in my ability to generate above average returns with prudent risk management controls. My expertise centers around trading interest rate futures across the entire yield curve. I routinely skip class when important trades present themselves to me. Most notably, I once accepted a zero on a calculus test so that I could manage my positions in a turbulent market. I wasn’t sure the decision was worth it until I locked in a $42,000 profit that day from aggressively shorting S&P minis. So there you have it, the life of an crazy college student that wants more than anything to become a trader in the New York area.


Employment related inquiries may be sent to the email address listed on my resume or my personal email address. However, the fastest way to reach me is through my personal email address.



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